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Cyber Security in Defence and Intelligence

Cyber Security in Defence and Intelligence is at the forefront of cyber-security risk, under constant attack and operating in inherently risky or hostile environments the defence and intelligence community demand advanced threat protection: a high degree of functionality and assurance in the protective and detective solutions that form part of their defensive posture.

The highly advanced Behavioural Anomaly Detection technology at the heart of Huntsman technology was originally derived from a defence requirement that went beyond “known knowns” and publicly available signatures to deliver capability to detect strange and anomalous patterns of network and system activity during the lead up to and execution of a targeted and bespoke cyber attack.

The threat is not only from external attacks, foreign or state sponsors actors and activists; but also insiders.  The highly complex supply chain communities, diverse and expansive networks and communications systems, a continual need to interface with the information systems of allies and a rich blend of highly advanced and often secret hardware both on and off the battle field makes this the most demanding theatre for IT and network cyber-protection.

Huntsman Solutions

Huntsman Security solutions originate within the defence and intelligence community where they deliver advanced threat protection.  Huntsman’s® unparalleled Behaviour Anomaly Detection engine, flexible support for complex and “exotic” data sources, advanced threat intelligence and situational awareness interface and multi-domain, multi-level security model all directly support the mission goals of high-end military and intelligence IT system delivery:

  • 2nd generation Behavioural Anomaly Detection (BAD) technology to detect unique, bespoke and targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs).
  • Integration and unified data management for leading cyber security, network analysis and malware protection solutions.
  • Multi-domain and multi-level data separation and security.
  • Full role based access control, detailed audit trails and support for a variety of underlying hardware, operating systems and database platforms.
  • Advanced threat intelligence and situational awareness features to support specific defence and intelligence sector needs.
  • High throughput, big data capability for structured and unstructured data sources capable of operating at over 130,000 EPS on commodity hardware and managing hundreds of Tb of storage.

Case studies/Resources

Huntsman Security has several case studies and a great deal of experience in this sector, across multiple operational theatres and at varying security classification levels up to Top Secret.  National security and other constraints often preclude discussion.  However, local Huntsman Security team members can arrange meetings and opportunities for discussion with the defence and intelligence user community.

Our compliance guides within defence and intelligence include:

  • GPG13
  • ISM
  • ACSC Essential Eight