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Cyber Security in Justice and Law Enforcement is a complex blend of security, control, assurance and monitoring requirements that include the need to operate within and deal with the public, right up to the more extreme requirements around counter-terrorism information.

IT systems in this sector commonly need to deliver a high degree of security assurance and visibility and account for interconnection with everything from the intelligence community, the court and prison system and front line officers in attendance at scenes of crimes.

Information about investigations, intelligence and victims must be protected and yet accessible to a diverse community.

There are consequently regulatory needs of being part of government, legal demands for forensic soundness and related legislation surrounding data protection and privacy compliance.

The delivery of IT systems and applications to a largely mobile workforce; and the need to resist intrusions from a wide range of threats ranging from inquisitive members of the public, journalists and serious organised crime puts a strain on often slim budgets for IT systems and security.

Huntsman Solutions for cyber security law enforcement

Huntsman® is deployed in a range of criminal justice and law enforcement environments; as a technology it is currently monitoring both high-end intelligence systems and front line service delivery in several police forces and agencies worldwide.

Proven to deliver real-time security monitoring, threat detection and automated threat resolution, Huntsman uses  advanced security analytics and security orchestration and automation to meet  the security and compliance needs of public bodies.

The support for multiple security levels, advanced network architectures and systems and flexible application log support gives swift visibility of external and insider threats as they emerge, giving your security team  the ability to respond in a timely, effective manner.

Huntsman’s focus on automation and operational effectiveness particularly suits the need to deploy cost effective security with the minimum of overhead and a high degree of automation in detection, incident response management and reporting.

Resources for the Justice & Law Enforcement sector

Huntsman Security justice community case studies and references include a range of large and complex deployments.  Information and details can be provided on request.

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