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Huntsman Security’s Enterprise SIEM a “pervasive” solution – rated highly for business strategy


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In a recent market-wide assessment by Analyst firm MarketsandMarkets (M&M), Huntsman Security was identified as one of the leading pervasive solutions in the security analytics space, reflecting its longevity and strength. “Pervasive players are established vendors with very strong business strategies.” M&M explain.

As opposed to the product vendors who offer solutions across a disparate range of technology areas (often by acquisition of smaller vendors), pervasive players – including Huntsman Security – “focus on specific types of technologies related to products.”

Huntsman Security is focussed on SIEM, SOAR and cyber security control and risk measurement solutions. These capabilities are at the heart of our Security Analytics solutions. See Huntsman Security’s Enterprise SIEM product information for more details.

Download a copy of the M&M summary for Huntsman Security solutions.

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