Cloud Security SIEM

Do you need Cloud SIEM?

Huntsman Security’s Cloud SIEM is a multi tenancy SIEM, derived from the Enterprise SIEM  that can help cloud providers improve cloud security, reduce service delivery costs, simplify the security management process, and accelerate revenue generation from new customers.

The capability provides cloud security; assurance, compliance monitoring and advanced threat detection, for both the service infrastructure and as a value-added monitoring service for customers.  


An overview of Huntsman Cloud Security SIEM



What Huntsman Cloud SIEM will deliver to your business

  • Real-time threat detection
  • Speeds up the investigative process
  • Delivers precise security information to operations, management and audit stakeholders
  • Enables incident investigators to immediately answer key questions ‘who, what, where, when and how’ around an alert
  • Deploys rapidly – as a virtual machine
  • Reduces operational costs – automated reporting saves analyst and auditor time
  • Automation enables scalability as your customer base expands 
  • Higher profitability per customer  – flexible subscription based licencing 

How the Cloud SIEM works

The technology has all the features of the Enterprise SIEM, plus:

  • Multi-tenancy capability – to support a shared services environment with end-to-end data separation including individual access controls, reporting and data retention
  • Full data collection and monitoring capability – to support cloud monitoring security and compliance objectives
  • Support for external cloud-based services at IaaS, PaaS or SaaS layers to enable complete security visibility within a virtualised environment
  • Support for all major virtualisation technologies – with the ability to manage information flows from a shared infrastructure layer and from customer servers
  • Single view of the entire cloud estate with multi-customer dashboard that provides real-time visibility
  • Enhanced analytics capability with intuitive business intelligence query interface to help analysts identify relationships between events and system data flows so they can resolve threats quickly
  • Inbuilt active compliance dashboard displays across all control areas


Cloud SIEM Enhancement Options 

The Cloud SIEM has the following enhancement options:

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