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Essential 8 Scorecard

Essential 8 Scorecard, continuously measures your security controls' effectiveness

Continuous measurement of dynamic cyber risk

The Essential 8 Scorecard  is an award-winning cyber risk management technology that continuously measures the effectiveness of your organisation’s security controls against the Essential Eight Framework. The Scorecard provides an objective, continuous and quantitative measure of the performance of your security controls, to enable active management of a dynamic risk environment. With its comprehensive Attack Surface Management (ASM) capabilities the Essential 8 Scorecard automatically verifies your IT assets, measures vulnerabilities and reports any areas of changing cyber risk.

Australian Technology Competition Winner 2019

Essential 8 Scorecard graph showing trend reporting for cyber security control performance

Essential 8 Scorecard – Trend Report

Download Essential 8 Scorecard Brochure

Performance Metrics to measure and mitigate risk

The Essential 8 Scorecard answers three fundamental questions:

  1. What is the quantitative measure of my organisation’s exposure to cyber risk?
  2. Why is the performance as it is?
  3. How can I reduce the risk?

What the Essential 8 Scorecard delivers

  • Continuous monitoring of the environment against the Essential 8 Framework
  • Determination of  your environment’s maturity against the Essential 8 (levels 0-3)
  • A live dashboard displaying compliance and risks against each of the eight controls, along with real-time alerting of non-compliance
  • Automatically generated and distributed reports to all stakeholders
  • Helps meet regulatory compliance requirements that include security control effectiveness monitoring, reporting and auditing e.g. APRA CPS 234 and ASD ISM

How the Essential 8 Scorecard works

The tool automatically gathers data from ongoing security operations and through direct connections to systems and configuration interfaces to determine coverage, identify weak points, policy failures and vulnerabilities against each of the controls. The  product integrates with IRM  platforms.

CIO & Risk Managers

Whether you are a CIO, Risk Manager, Information Security Manager or a Security Analyst the Essential 8 Scorecard can help develop your organisation’s cyber resilience.  The Essential 8 Scorecard provides automated reports detailing objective metrics of latest cyber posture, maturity level against the Essential 8 Framework as well as trend reports showing performance over time.

Information Security Managers

In addition to the reports provided to management, Information Security Managers will receive reports detailing the performance metrics for each of the Essential 8 controls in relation to the Essential 8 Framework.

Essential 8 Scorecard , Application Control reporting

Essential 8 Scorecard – Application Control Report

Security Analysts

The cyber ops team is provided with an operational dashboard showing real-time performance of the Essential 8 controls.  Analysts will also receive alerts when non-compliance occurs.  This will allow prioritisation of tasks with the greatest risk exposure.

Essential 8 Scorecard image of operational dashboard show cyber security performance metrics

Essential 8 Scorecard – Operational Dashboard

The Essential 8 security controls – what they are and why they are important 

The Essential 8  (E8) Framework was developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).  It is a prioritised list of practical security controls  that organisations can implement to make their organisation’s information more secure.  They have been found to mitigate up to 85% of cyber attacks. You can read more at the Australian Government site.

No matter what jurisdiction you are in, or which framework your government recommends, the key eight security controls are recognised as critical to cyber resilience.

Meet regulatory requirements with the help of Essential 8 Scorecard

As cyber risk has evolved into a mainstream business risk we have seen a wide array of cyber risk maturity models appear in regulations and governments recommendations, including Australia’s APRA CPS 234 and ASD ISM , C2M2 through to the US CMMC model.   The requirements that are common to almost all maturity models are: assessing that security controls have been implemented correctly, monitoring the ongoing efficacy of security controls and auditing of security controls (including those maintained by related parties and third parties).  The Essential 8 Scorecard undertakes these activities systematically and continuously to help defend your organisation against cyber attacks.

Want to find out more?

Download Essential 8 Scorecard Brochure

Alternatively, if you are looking for a simple, immediate view of your organisation’s security controls effectiveness have a look at the Essential 8 Auditor.

Download Essential 8 Auditor Brochure