Multi Tenancy SIEM for MSSPs

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Looking for SOC software that scales as your business grows?

Huntsman Security’s MSSP multi tenant SIEM, derived from the Huntsman Enterprise SIEM  was designed to support  Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) reduce service delivery costs, simplify the security management process, and accelerate revenue generation from new customers.


SOC technology that supports Managed Security Services

Huntsman multi-tenant SIEM is established and proven in SOC environments globally. 


SOC software for MSP security


How Huntsman multi tenant SIEM helps business scale

Our SOC technology has all the benefits of the Huntsman Enterprise SIEM and more:

  • Shortens the time from threat detection to resolution
  • Automates the collection of contextual information relating to a threat
  • Speeds up the investigative process
  • Delivers precise security information to operations, management and audit stakeholders
  • Allows incident investigators to immediately answer key questions ‘who, what, where, when and how’ around an alert
  • Allows the creation of hybrid services to satisfy customer needs
  • Flexible architecture and easy customisation 
  • Fast deployment and easy on-boarding of new customers
  • Ease of use with a short learning curve for operational staff
  • Reduced overall cost per customer
  • Rapid return on investment

Watch the video which explains our SIEM for Managed Security

The Key Features of Multi Tenant SIEM

The product has all the features of the Huntsman Enterprise SIEM, plus:

  • Multi-tenancy capability – to support a shared services environment with evidential reporting and end-to-end data separation
  • Robust data management, separation and access control mechanisms
  • Threat awareness between and within customer networks – to detect threats more quickly and offer value-added services
  • Automation of routine tasks and compliance reporting – to streamline workflow in your security operations centres
  • Highly flexible licensing models to suit the variable nature of Managed Security Services and control set-up and ownership costs
  • Scalability – to meet evolving requirements of customers and regulators.


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