ISO27001 Compliance Guide

Improve your cyber resilience

ISO27001 Compliance Guide

The Huntsman® ISO 27001 compliance guide shows how Huntsman technology maps to key sections of the standard, while integrating with existing solutions, adding a centralised view and strengthening your security posture.

ISO27001 Compliance Guide
  • IT risk management, compliance monitoring, enterprise security
  • Enterprise-wide event visibility, network security threats and protective monitoring
  • Vulnerability assessment and security policy improvement
  • IT security and compliance management, security information and event management

Huntsman Enterprise SIEM:

  • Monitors access to key IT assets in real-time;
  • Monitors activity at the enterprise boundary and within it;
  • Detects & alerts to suspicious or risky activity across the organisation; and
  • Prevents the loss of valuable or sensitive information such as IP or personnel records.
ISO27001 Compliance Guide