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Huntsman Security provides a large number of cyber security compliance solutions to support national and international security, management and privacy standards.  We have also created a new Security Scorecard to continuously track your cyber security posture.  

ACSC Essential Eight  •  GDPR EU   ISO27001  •  PCI-DSS  •  CESG Good Practice Guide 13  •  FISMA/NIST SP800-53
APRA PPG234  •  SOX  • PSD2  NIS Directive

Cyber Security Compliance Solutions

Explore our cyber security compliance solutions:

ACSC Essential Eight

Instantly identify non-compliance  



Monitor the 5 Cyber Security clauses



Live view compliance status


GPG13/CESG Sec. Ops.

One-touch compliance visibility


ISO 27001

Simple framework for compliance



Automate audit & compliance work



Cyber Security Compliance Solutions: The challenge

These days, IT  governance and compliance  are key issues for many industries due to the type of data they process or the regulatory and legal rules that apply to them.  This presents a challenge on many fronts.  For a start, there’s the cost, which is increasing in response to an ever-growing number of breaches.  Then there’s the time and discipline required. Because compliance can be onerous, some firms adopt a minimalist approach, with the resultant risk that information exposures remain.

In addition, compliance standards can be based on external requirements rather than an organisation’s own business or risk management objectives.

And, finally, there’s the fact that compliance standards often define minimum standards of IT governance. But these don’t guarantee security or best practice; merely that the compliance box has been ticked.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Which is why a growing number of organisations are turning to Huntsman Security  as their go-to compliance solution provider.


Cyber Security Compliance Solutions: Why you should choose Huntsman Security

  • Automated validation of activities against compliance controls and fine-tuning of policy
  • Time savings through automation of the audit and compliance workflow
  • Lower resource costs and real-time audit information
  • Simplified operation with a proactive systematic process instead of ‘tick box’ checks
  • Additional verification of policy controls and a live view of compliance status (GRC dashboards)
  • Easier and quicker auditing
  • Improved breach and incident response with real-time alerts for improved threat management



 Ease of use, peace of mind

Huntsman provides solutions that are unobtrusive, cost effective and deliver actual business value in terms of improved process efficiency, greater transparency, and increased confidence to customers, auditors and regulators. Huntsman will:

  • Tell you who is accessing your data or systems and what they are doing
  • Help you understand the operational status of controls
  • Detect unauthorised activities and help you understand the impact
  • Help you rectify breaches, limit damage and prevent recurrence
  • Support strong IT governance by providing continuous confidence to managers and stakeholders in real time, and easy access to evidence for auditors and regulators.


Unique GRC dashboards

Huntsman’s Governance, Risk and Compliance  (GRC) dashboards provide a view of compliance status at a glance and allow instant response. They will:

  • Customise complex compliance metrics to suit individual stakeholder roles, and translate them into individual controls with full drill-down
  • Continuously shows stakeholders the business impact of their compliance status
  • Highlight compliance breaches and risks that simple rule-based filters overlook


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