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ASD Essential 8 compliance solution


Do you need to comply with the ASD Essential Eight?

The Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) Essential 8  (E8) mitigation strategies is a prioritised list of practical actions organisations can take to make their computers more secure. ASD claims that when implemented effectively, the Essential Eight mitigates 85% of targeted cyber-attacks. 


ASD Essential Eight Mitigation Strategies


Why should your organisation implement the mitigation strategies?

The Australian Federal Government mandated the Top 4 of these mitigation strategies for federal government departments back in 2014.  The Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit (JCPAA) has now recommended the Australian Government mandates the ASD Essential Eight for all Government agencies.  The Australian National Audit Office’s latest report supports these recommendations. 


   ASD Essential Eight Timeline of security obligations for federal government departments


How can your organisation measure its compliance to the ASD Essential 8?

ASD Essential Eight Reporting Dashboard

Whether your environment is on-premise, cloud or hybrid, you will require monitoring and real-time reporting to assess your ongoing compliance posture to the ASD Essential 8 risk mitigation strategies.

Alerting on each control with accurate reporting your security team can ensure Essential Eight compliance and make rapid decisions that enhance your level of cyber resilience.

Huntsman Security Essential Eight reporting module continuously collects and analyses events from your infrastructure, systems, services and applications to deliver measurement against the ASD Essential Eight risk mitigation strategies.

Learn how to map your compliance to the ASD Essential Eight, download the guide ACSC Essential Eight Compliance Guide

ASD Essential Eight Compliance Guide Overview


Why Customers use Huntsman Security technology for ASD Essential 8 Monitoring?

Flexibility and Visibility

  • Operates across cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments
  • Accurate and continuous view of compliance
  • Reliable metrics for governance review

Improves effectiveness of resources

  • Removes unknown of compliance self-assessment and reporting
  • Instantly identifies non-compliance for remediation
  • Saves time, cost and money when compared to a breach

Positions cyber security as a strategic priority

  • E8 mitigation strategies recommended for adoption by all Government 
  • E8 monitoring critical to enhancing cyber posture and security awareness
  • E8 is key to defence and resilience that support on-going government service and operations


Explore how you can improve your compliance to the Essential 8


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