Executive Cyber Scorecard

Executive Cyber Scorecard

Do your executives have visibility of your organisation’s cyber risk?

If your senior stakeholders don’t have a clear view of your organisation’s cyber security position, how can they quantify the business risk and lead the organisation to success?   Huntsman Security’s “Executive Cyber Scorecard” delivers a reporting facility that allows your organisation’s business stakeholders to instantly see how they are tracking against the most common cyber defence stress points.  Imagine being able to automatically deliver to them:

  • Continuous measurement of cyber security posture
  • Visibility of performance against key security controls, including trends over time
  • Assurance that you are improving resistance to cyber threats


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Automation delivers instant reporting

Being able to access metrics when they want it is very important for executives.  The Huntsman Security SIEM technology automatically collects data and creates the ‘Executive Cyber Scorecard’ management report to give instant or scheduled visibility of security performance.  It also streamlines and minimises the operational security reporting overhead on your team.

The Executive Cyber Scorecard simply gathers data from ongoing security operations and through direct connections to systems and configuration interfaces to automatically establish weak points, policy failures and vulnerabilities to the most common attack types; vulnerabilities that are said to have led to more than 85% of enterprise security breaches and malware outbreaks in recent years.

The functionality provides summary and detailed control status reports covering:

  • Patching and vulnerability management of systems and applications
  • Application whitelisting, patching, configuration and macro execution control
  • User management and authentication
  • Privilege management
  • Backups

The same functionality forms the underpinnings of our ACSC Essential Eight compliance capability.  Additionally it includes many of the controls recommended by the UK Government’s NCSC Top 10.


Improve the communication of your Cyber Security position

Sharing the key metrics of your organisation’s cyber security position, gives you the best chance of protecting your business.   Giving management key insights enables them to make informed decisions that drive the strategy, health and competitiveness of your business.


Executive Cyber Scorecard – Overview Video

Why Customers use the Executive Cyber Scorecard

Flexibility and Visibility
  • Operates across cloud, on premise or hybrid environments
  • Accurate and continuous view of common cyber defence stress points
  • Reliable metrics for governance review
Improves effectiveness of resources
  • Removes unknown of self-assessment and reporting
  • Instantly identifies weaknesses for remediation
  • Minimises operational security reporting commitments
  • Saves time, cost and money when compared to a breach
Aligns to Government recommendations


Want to find out more?

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