GRC Reporting

GRC Reporting

GRC Reporting – delivering a better understating of security and compliance

Having real-time visibility of your organisation’s exposure to cyber risk is crucial to the security operations and risk management teams to enable them to make quick, informed decisions. GRC Reporting provides the solution.


The Huntsman GRC Reporting interface simply and precisely visualises compliance and security information that is uniquely tailored to the needs of the security operations team, the CRO (Chief Risk Officer) team and interested stakeholders.


Benefits of GRC Reporting:

  • Continuous monitoring across the organisation for breaches or suspicious activities that deviate from applicable compliance and security policies and standards;
  • Specific compliance or security policy principles or controls can be targeted for real-time surveillance and visualisation;
  • Risk information is presented in multiple ways: graphically for trend analyses, standard indicators of status information or customised to highlight particular issues of interest;
  • Continuous GRC dashboards and reports ensure dynamic situational awareness and the ability to instantly be alerted to and manage circumstances that present operational or volatile risk profiles.


Why use Huntsman® GRC Reporting

This solution is aimed at real-time management and reporting on compliance and security objectives to support the operational management of the security process as well as the wider security operations audience.

The cyber-security agenda with its heightened perception of the risks, insidious threats and theft of valuable information, has raised the importance of speedy detection everywhere. As a result, IT security managers, risk managers and auditors need GRC reporting that can keep operations, risk management and other key stakeholders informed about security and regulatory compliance so they are better able to manage Information Governance.