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Security for MSSPs.  If you’re a managed security services provider, then you know you’re in the right business. Recent figures are showing the appetite for managed security services is growing strongly, with demand driven by organisations needing better solutions for security and compliance management.


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Security for MSSPs:  – The twin challenge, providing more for less

While the demand for managed security services is strong, it’s a very competitive marketplace. Customers are demanding more sophisticated cyber security services – but at lower costs.

The challenge for MSSPs that want to stay ahead of the herd is to offer distinct and competitive advantages that make them stand out from their competitors, but at a price that represents good value.

Which is why more MSSPs are choosing Huntsman as their security platform of choice.


Security for MSSPs:  Why you should choose Huntsman Security

Huntsman’s technology builds on its origins in complex, multi-domain, sensitive environments like defence, intelligence, financial services and telecoms.

For MSSPs, Huntsman offers distinct advantages in terms of operational efficiency, multi-tenancy, and security monitoring.

Operational efficiency

Huntsman’s security platforms are sufficiently adaptable to support your business model. With Huntsman, you can reduce upfront and ongoing delivery costs, simplify the solution scalability and security management processes, and accelerate revenue generation through easier on-boarding of new customers and customised value-added services.

Multi tenancy

Huntsman gives MSSPs the ability to confidently provide true data segregation at both the database layer and administrative interface. This allows MSSPs to extract significant cost and operational efficiencies by utilising a single SIEM instance to support fully featured managed security services to multiple end users.

Security monitoring

Huntsman’s security platforms are reliable, agile and easy to use. Our SIEM solutions allow MSSPs to maximise the range of security solutions offered, optimise the effectiveness of those solutions and deliver staff efficiencies and operator productivity. All of which add up to greater profitability.


Security for MSSPs: The Huntsman advantage – at a glance

Advanced threat detection and intelligence

  • Combines real-time correlation with patented ‘True’ Behavioural Anomaly detection enabling MSSPs to deliver customers more advanced real-time monitoring services including actionable intelligence
  • Can take external or cross-customer threat intelligence sources to enable threat information from a broader risk landscape, and incorporate it into security decision-making for more reliable, higher-value services


  • Real-time, high-volume activity processing for platforms, infrastructure and applications
  • Ease of deployment, expansion and customisation to fit the elastic nature of managed service delivery
  • Flexible architecture and high scalability to meet changing end-customer and MSSP needs


  • Robust data separation, role-based access control and multi tenancy support
  • Comprehensive audit capability across all operator activity
  • Assured segmentation of customers data and reports


  • In-built, continuous compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Real time incident management workflow support and drill-down investigation capabilities
  • Automated response to mitigate attacks, safeguard systems and protect data


  • Low TCO, fast ROI and subscription pricing options for effective cash-flow management
  • Process automation for lower operational risk and SOC resource management
  • Low set-up cost and inbuilt flexibility for value added customisation for end customers

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