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How to establish and grow Security as a Service

Whether you are a managed service provider looking to incorporate managed security into your service offering or you need a better technology stack to support an existing offering you will understand the importance of flexible and cost effective security monitoring.  By streamlining and simplifying your security processes you can accelerate revenue generation and stay ahead of your competitors.

Huntsman Security recognises that Security Operations Centres (SOC) need reliable SOC software that will deliver robust security and compliance monitoring.  Our multi tenant SOC tools are established and proven in federal government departments and critical infrastructure organisations around the world.

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Build a SOC with Next Generation SIEM MSSP

By integrating Next Gen SIEM MSSP into the core of your SOC you can streamline a number of security processes to improve your cyber assurance and realise an increase in ROI.


illustration of next generation SIEM with built in threat intelligence and UEBA


Advanced Threat Detection and Intelligence

  • Combines real-time correlation with behavioural anomaly detection enabling MSSPs to deliver clients more advanced real-time monitoring services including actionable intelligence
  • Takes external or cross-client threat intelligence sources to enable threat information from a broader risk landscape, and incorporate it into security decision-making for more reliable, higher-value services

Processing Speed

  • Real-time, high-volume activity processing for platforms, infrastructure and applications
  • Ease of deployment, expansion and customisation to fit the elastic nature of managed service delivery
  • Flexible architecture and high scalability to meet changing end-client and MSSP needs

Multi Tenant Security

SIEM solutions for service providers need to be able to scale as the client list grows.  If you are going to offer an MSSP service you need to confidently provide true client data segregation at both the database layer and administrative interface.

Huntsman Security’s  Next Gen SIEM MSSP allows you to extract significant cost and operational efficiencies by utilising a single instance to support fully featured managed security services to multiple end users:

  • Robust data management, separation and access control mechanisms
  • A single view of the entire MSSP estate and individual customer reporting
  • Threat awareness between and within customer networks – to detect threat more quickly


Next Gen SIEM MSSP the foundation of managed security services

Next Gen SIEM MSSP explained


Continuous Monitoring & Reporting

Next Gen SIEM MSSP is a consolidation technology that merges information from all your clients’ monitored systems such as firewalls, antivirus products and intrusion prevention systems to a single repository:

  • In-built, continuous security and compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Real time incident management workflow support and drill-down investigation capabilities
  • Automated response to mitigate attacks, safeguard systems and protect data

continuous monitoring and reporting dashboard


Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Low TCO, fast ROI and subscription pricing options for effective cash-flow management
  • Process automation for lower operational risk and SOC resource management
  • Low set-up cost and inbuilt flexibility for value added customisation for end customers


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Benchmark and measure your clients cyber resilience

Positioning your business as a trusted adviser to clients can be a factor in your success.  If you are providing a security monitoring service you, and your clients, may also benefit from assessing and benchmarking their cyber resilience.

Our Essential 8 Scorecard has been developed as a computer aided audit technology (CAAT); it provides a continuous view of cyber resilience, identifying security gaps that need closed.  It also delivers clear and concise reporting of performance to all stakeholders:

Security Controls Dashboard

Using data from ongoing security operations and through direct connections to systems and configuration interfaces, the Essential 8 Scorecard automatically establishes weak points, policy failures and vulnerabilities to the most common attack types; vulnerabilities that have been found to contribute to more than 85% of enterprise security breaches and malware outbreaks.

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