Our Mission

The Huntsman Security company mission is to be the best defence grade cyber security software provider by:
  • Providing technology to detect threats faster and with greater accuracy – enabling real-time security monitoring;
  • Delivering immediate visibility of advanced threats and compliance issues in your business;
  • Maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of your security operations (SOC) function & threat management process with advanced, in-built intelligence; safe automation and intuitive workflow and process support to drive consistency, reliability and visibility in all cyber security activities.

Graphic Cyber Resilience components


Huntsman provides innovative defence grade cyber security through the development of numerous market leading capabilities.

Its research and development into advanced cyber threat detection, incident management and real time compliance reporting forms the core of the Huntsman platform which is deployed within some of the most intelligent, advanced and security critical environments.

This includes:
  • The new and highly innovative Analyst Portal™ to seamlessly integrate threat understanding and managements with malware, network, end-point and other cyber security solutions to drastically reduce the threat detection to resolution time window to seconds
  • Live business, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) dashboards to provide an enhanced interface for continuously managing policy compliance breaches and threat incursions on a single display
  • True Behavioural Anomaly Detection (BAD) for automated machine learning of activity patterns and real time detection and analysis of unknown and unknowable events; including outliers, anomalies, APTs and other patterns of attack or misuse.


Huntsman Security is part of Tier-3 Pty Ltd.

Huntsman’s heritage is in delivering a key foundation stone of the cyber security risk management, monitoring and response capability in some of the most secure and sensitive environments within intelligence, defence and criminal justice networks across the five eyes community of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States.  Huntsman solutions are deployed and accredited within this community to the highest security levels.

As the cyber security landscape has changed and the risks organisations face have become greater and more diverse, so we have responded by automating key steps in the incident management process – Safe Automation.