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Huntsman Security, an Australian cyber security company

Huntsman Security is an Australian provider of defence grade cyber security solutions


Huntsman Security is the operating name of Tier-3 Pty Ltd, a privately owned Australian cyber security software developer.  Established in 1999, we have office in Sydney and London with operations in Tokyo and the Philippines.  Our client base comprises Government departments that include defence, intelligence, social welfare and law enforcement as well as critical infrastructure organisations.  Our capabilities include:

Huntsman Security’s Mission


We aim to provide security technology to measure, report and reduce cyber risk to enable the digital transformation of governments and business to more efficient operating models, while at the same time complying with the increasing demands of legislative requirements.   Key to this is:

  • Clear security information visualisation – that limits the needs for laborious data collation and curation for routine investigations
  • Attracting and retaining cyber security staff – by automating the routine cyber security processes, your analysts are free to proactively hunt threats to build your organisation’s cyber resilience
  • Local support & training – your operation needs to be resilient; you need to be sure that your support & maintenance engineers can work with you to continually develop and respond to the ever changing demands of your environment.


Huntsman Security’s core capabilities


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Working with clients in mission critical security environments, our research and development into advanced cyber threat detection, incident management and real-time compliance reporting has resulted in our capabilities being proven to the highest security standards. Our core capabilities include:

  • High speed processing – 100,000 EPS (> 5 billion events per day), enabling more context for accurate, rapid decision-making and response
  • Behaviour Anomaly Detection – automated machine learning of activity patterns for the real-time detection and analysis of unknown and unknowable events; including outliers, anomalies, insiders and other patterns of attack or misuse
  • Automated Threat Verification – the  Huntsman Analyst Portal® automatically integrates threat understanding and managements with malware, network, end-point and other cyber security solutions to create a searchable casefile of relevant events to drastically reduce the time from threat detection to resolution to seconds
  • Live dashboards and reporting – showing your organisation’s current cyber security posture, to enable your security team to remain informed to continuously manage policy compliance breaches


 How Huntsman Security can help build your cyber resilience


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