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Cyber Security solutions are critical in protecting organisations from cyber crime.  Additionally, legislation now obliges many organisations to report eligible data breaches within a set time frame (for GDPR EU this is 72 hours).  Huntsman Security provides real-time accurate visibility of your security posture.

Select from our Cyber Security Solutions to reduce your organisation’s time at risk: 

Cyber Security Solutions

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Real time data security


Automation & Orchestration

Consistent, reliable processes


Security Analytics

Discover and prioritise alerts


Cloud Providers

Real-time monitoring


MSSP Platforms

Multi Tenant Security


Threat Detection

Real-time visibility



The cyber security challenge

This new risk landscape means security teams need to do far more than just focus on preventing attacks. They also need to quickly detect an attack, understand it, respond and resolve it to reduce corporate and customer impacts.

And at the corporate level, managers now require meaningful information on the security risk status, and a clear understanding of the efficiency and operational effectiveness of the security process.

These security and management requirements are driving a growing number of organisations to the Huntsman Security platform as their go-to security solution.


Why you should choose Huntsman for your cyber security needs

When you take a look at Huntsman® security monitoring software, you’ll see that its intelligent, integrated approach ticks all the boxes required by security-savvy organisations. Huntsman®:

  • Links seemingly unrelated events that are otherwise hidden in silos, and analyses and correlates real-time data to pinpoint unusual events that are risky indicate an attack
  • Features clear dashboards that continuously show stakeholders the health of their security operations, and highlight breaches and risks that simple rule-based filters overlook.
  • Improves incident and breach response with real-time alerts and incident management workflow support
  • Reports who is accessing data or systems, and what they are doing
  • Uses Behaviour Anomaly Detection (BAD 2.0) to detect unusual activity and operations


Support for today’s IT delivery approach

Huntsman®’s state-of-the-art detection and response capabilities are ideal for:

  • Organisations that use or provide managed security services (MSSP)
  • Organisations that use or provide cloud computing services
  • Organisations with multi-tenancy that require easy scalability to accommodate multiple customers or system silos on a common monitoring and security management platform.


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