Jason Legge

Jason Legge

Head of Security Consulting

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BSc in Electronic Engineering

Jason Legge is responsible for security consulting across APAC. He works directly with customers, Huntsman’s channel partners and internal teams to provide solutions to cutting-edge cyber security challenges.  Read Australian Security Magazines April 2016 interview with Jason here.

Jason is passionate about bringing a defence-grade security ethos to support and secure business operations in the government and wider commercial sectors – driving the importance of real-time monitoring, threat intelligence and analysis for effective, timely incident response.

Jason’s extensive experience in the areas of security threat analytics and incident response means he is well aware of the demands faced by analysts in quickly and accurately resolving cyber threats. He has applied his knowledge of threat investigation, response and mitigation strategies to the design and development of a ground-breaking new set of automated threat resolution management solutions.

Jason has a history of hands-on experience in sensitive and high security environments. Before joining Huntsman, he headed up the High Security Operations Centre for a UK government agency for six years. During that time, he advised business leaders, security accreditors and IT operations managers and analysts at a national level on IT and cyber defence threat mitigation strategies and SOC design and operation.