Analyst Portal

Huntsman Analyst Portal sets new benchmarks for incident response, shortening the time at risk – from threat detection to resolution – to seconds.

When integrated with SIEM technology, the security analytics capabilities of the Huntsman Analyst Portal delivers the complete range of security information management, real-time analysis, threat verification and incident workflow automation.  The leading edge technology addresses significant challenges facing cyber security teams:

  • Attacks and attackers are getting more sophisticated, harder to detect and more difficult to defend against
  • A need to reduce elapsed time between attack and resolution
  • Limited resources trying to process an increasing volume of alerts

The Huntsman Analyst Portal: How it works 


Huntsman Analyst Portal

The Analyst Portal collects and process security data in real-time, using correlation rules and machine learning techniques to identify suspicious behaviour and misuse.  The software provides two automated and unique response capabilities:  

  • Threat verification  to eliminate false positives
  • Delivery of a case file of all available and relevant information for threat resolution by (a) a senior analyst or; (b) machine automated action


Huntsman Analyst Portal: Benefits 

  • Saves valuable time – reduces the risk window to seconds 
  • Provides consistency through automation
  • Up to a 10-fold reduction in operating overhead, through automation of routine elements of diagnostic and resolution processes
  • Delivers precise security information to operations, management and audit stakeholders
  • Allows incident investigators to immediately answer key questions: ‘who, what, where, when and how’ around an alert
  • Focuses security teams on true indicators of compromise


Huntsman Analyst Portal



  • Extensive data support with sensor/agent/agentless collection from syslog, event logs, file-based audit trails, XML, database query, and network flow data drawn from hundreds of sources.
  • Detection and analysis of, and response to, alerts and threats in real-time
  • Fully integrated defence-grade incident and case file management, automated workflow and full evidential recording
  • Display of real-time actionable intelligence with visibility of compromised IT assets or information flows in the event of a breach
  • Clear security business intelligence interface for dat-driven investigation and drill-down queries with tabbed data views and interactive filters
  • Identification of security breaches, root cause analysis and investigation
  • Integration with malware detection solutions such as FireEye, BlueCoat, Cisco and Checkpoint to identify, prove and resolve advanced persistent threats 
  • Full support for dedicated enterprise deployments, multi-tenant services and cloud environments.


Huntsman Analyst Portal: Watch the video 


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