Huntsman Analyst Portal

The Huntsman Analyst Portal™ sets new benchmarks for incident response, shortening the time at risk – from threat detection to resolution – to seconds.

Huntsman Analyst Portal
It does this by automatically aggregating and examining threat information from a range of sources across the enterprise, delivering real time threat validation.

The Huntsman Analyst Portal™ will determine:
  • The nature of an alert – malicious or benign
  • Actual targets and impacts
  • What host and network activity is occurring
  • Any other areas of compromise.

This means security teams can quickly eliminate false positives, which can otherwise waste valuable time, and verify for investigation only the threats that really matter.

With the Huntsman Analyst Portal™, your enterprise will benefit from:
  • Real-time context and knowledge – so analysts can respond to automatically verified indicators of compromise
  • A risk window of only seconds – so you can quickly contain an attack, confident that the threat has been identified, validated and resolved
  • Increased corporate security – Huntsman reduces the time at risk from real and reputational damage resulting from data breaches, IP loss or compliance failures
  • Immediate value – as Huntsman reduces operational risk and enables analysts to do what they do best and focus on the true indicators of compromise
  • Massively reduced operating costs – Huntsman provides up to a 10–fold reduction in costs by cutting analyst workloads and administrative overheads; it does this by automating the routine elements of the threat diagnostic and resolution processes.


Huntsman Analyst Portal



  • Automation of routine threat investigation, validation and resolution processes to limit the need for manual intervention – automated event correlation.
  • Fully integrated defence-grade incident and case file management, automated workflow and full evidential recording
  • Real-time actionable intelligence with visibility of compromised IT assets or the exfiltration of valuable intellectual property from an enterprise
  • Precise identification of security breaches with root cause analysis and validation (including false positive identification)
  • Integration with malware detection solutions such as FireEye, BlueCoat, Cisco and Checkpoint to identify, prove and resolve advanced persistent threats and malware in seconds
  • Support for dedicated enterprise deployments, multi-tenant services and cloud environments.


Enhancement options

The Huntsman Analyst Portal™ incorporates the full Huntsman suite of portfolio capabilities – no enhancement options are required.


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